About Auggie, and the Apparel She Inspired


Growing up, Margaret “Auggie” Babbitt had always been an avid exerciser. Her workouts consisted of anything from pilates, to swimming to weight training. Auggie was a physical therapist who was intrigued with the human body and worked with a range of athletes, hospital patients and physical therapy students.

In January 2011, Auggie was determined to get fit as a New Year’s resolution. She signed up for a boot-camp group workout at her local gym. After several weeks of dedication to workouts and strict healthy eating she still struggled to lose the weight she wanted. After discussions with the gym trainer she was recommended to visit her doctor for a checkup.

Auggie and her son, Bryan, the President of Auggie ApparelAuggie & Bryan, the President of Auggie Apparel

In March of 2011, at the age of 51, Auggie was diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer. Shortly after being diagnosed, she underwent a grueling 10 hour surgery to remove a majority of the cancer. She battled through the surgery and continued to stay positive throughout the transition period of recovering from the surgery to the start of chemo therapy.

Cancer Antigen-125 (CA-125) is a substance found in the blood and is commonly referred to as the “tumor maker”. The CA count is tracked, with normal being under 35 units/milliliter, to monitor the treatment of Ovarian Cancer throughout the chemo process. Auggie’s count at the start of chemo therapy was over 400. Auggie was selected to try a new treatment of chemo therapy which allowed her to only receive one treatment every three weeks for six treatments. As the chemo therapy treatments progressed, her CA-125 count dropped significantly. In her second to last chemo treatment, Auggie had a CA count in the 20’s and after the final treatment being in the single digits. 

Auggie stayed healthy, stayed positive and even traveled for the following months after her final chemo treatment in August. On Christmas of 2011, Auggie was able to eat the holiday meal with her family.

In January 2012, her symptoms came back and it was discovered that the new chemo treatment she tried had only temporarily subdued the cancer, but it had not cured her. The cancer continued to spread and in February she returned to the hospital for a second surgery. The second surgery was performed successfully, but because of the state she was in she was required to be on oxygen at almost all times of the day. The simplest tasks tired her body, but Auggie stayed strong and fought the cancer as best she could. Throughout March and April of 2012, she was in and out of the hospital.


On April 10th, 2012 Auggie was called to Heaven. Auggie smiled until her last day, she was always a shining image of positivity and hope. It is in her honor that we started Auggie Apparel to provide athletic wear promoting the awareness of this disease.

Teal is the color of ovarian cancer and we have integrated that color into all of our products. Auggie Apparel will donate 35% of the profits to help fight this disease. The 35% will be donated to ovarian cancer research through the Auggie Babbitt Ovarian Cancer Research Fund that we set up through the University of California San Diego (UCSD). To learn more about the mission of Auggie Apparel, please visit our TeamAuggie page as well